Workers Compensation

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If you have suffered a work injury, you may be eligible to collect money to compensate you for medical treatment, as well as lost wages due to time off from work. These funds are paid by your employer’s insurance company. This is called workers’ compensation.

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The workers’ compensation system was designed to provide benefits to workers that become injured during the course of their job, without having to prove that the employer or coworkers were at fault. The idea is that workers have certain rights, simply by being employees and performing duties for the employer. If employees are injured while performing their job duties, they are entitled to medical treatment and financial compensation for time spent away from the job.

Typically, workers who are injured on the job may receive compensation to pay for:

  • Medical bills
  • Future or ongoing medical care
  • Lost wages due to time away from work
  • Pain and suffering

Unfortunately, claiming workers’ compensation benefits is not always straightforward or easy. Insurance companies are more profitable when they pay out fewer claims. In today’s tough economy, increased profits create a strong incentive for insurance companies to deny workers’ compensation claims. And, just like with any other type of insurance, the more claims that are filed, the higher the insurance premiums rise. Therefore, employers also have financial incentives to deny claims in order to keep their insurance premiums lower.

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Employers and insurance companies are also extremely cautious about workers’ compensation fraud. Fraud occurs when an employee invents an injury or exaggerates the seriousness of an injury in order to receive a large monetary payout. Workers’ comp fraud is a serious offense against the law. Because fraud it has become so prevalent, employers and insurers are often skeptical about the legitimacy of workers’ compensation claims, leading to many claims being denied and injured workers left to ask questions such as, “How will I ever get my life back?” and “What do I do now?”

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Your best chance of getting your legitimate workers’ comp claim approved is to hire a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation attorney from the San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer Pros joint marketing program. Our work comp lawyers can help file your claim the proper way, and bolster your case so you have the best chance of receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If your claim is denied, our workers’ compensation attorneys will appeal that decision in the court system and represent you at hearings.

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The workers’ compensation attorneys at the San Diego Workers Compensation  Lawyer Pros joint marketing program have handled thousands of workers’ comp cases. They’ve seen a case like yours, and they can stand beside you to help you through the often confusing and intimidating legal process.

Workers Comp Lawyer in San Diego

Your health and financial future is at stake! Don’t leave things to chance, or hope that the state system will come through for you. Protect your rights by getting the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at the Workers Compensation Lawyer Pros joint marketing program in your corner. Our workers’ comp lawyers will aggressively defend your rights and help secure the benefits you deserve.

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