Proving Damages In A Catastrophic Injury Case

The very name of a catastrophic injury suggests that it has far-reaching, life-changing consequences for the parties involved. Some of the consequences are often permanent. A victim must be able to prove the value of damages inflicted in order to recover compensation. We will present some common evidence that a car accident lawyer San Diego can use to prove damages in a catastrophic injury accident.

Past medical expenses and lost income

Lost income is typically the easiest damage to prove in this case. Medical bills can indicate very  precisely the cost of the necessary medical treatment. It is also quite easy to demonstrate how much work you had to miss and how that was reflected in your income.

What the opposing party can do to make this more difficult is contest the necessity of all the medical treatments and whether you really had to take time off work in the duration you did. Sometimes, a medical or occupational expert is called in for a testimony about your injuries. The seriousness of your injury could also be disputed by the other party, in which case the examining doctor will be summoned to testify.

Future medical care and lost income

This type of damages is more challenging to prove. A doctor can provide a testimony as to how long the recovery will last and how long you will be out of work. They can also provide an estimation regarding the type of future medical care you will need.

An occupational expert can determine your earning abilities in the future, especially if you are unable to return to your previous job. This estimate is then used by economists to establish your lost earnings in the future based on inflation and other factors.

Intangible losses

The damage doesn’t have to be material or physical. Catastrophic injuries often cause pain, suffering and emotional distress in victims. In law, these are called general damages and the law allows for them to be compensated. The usual method of proving this damage are testimonies from experts, friends and family members.

Car accident lawyer San Diego can help you assert your rights

If you or someone you love has been involved in a catastrophic injury case and you would like to recover compensation for the damages inflicted on you, a car accident lawyer San Diego can best help victims protect your rights and recover what they deserve. The experienced, ethical and aggressive lawyers at San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Pros are always available to review your case free of charge and give you valuable professional advice about the steps you should take. The consultation doesn’t bind you in any way, but if you do decide to hire us, keep in mind that you only pay when you recover your compensation. You can only gain if you call us right now!