Do I Need to Get a Lawyer for Car Accident Injury in San Diego?

Lawyer for Car Accident Injury San DiegoYou do have the option of foregoing professional legal representation when you claim for personal injury compensation, but is it recommended? It seems pretty obvious that avoiding legal fees would imply you get more money for yourself, but – managing your claim on your own could leave you with less money in the end.

The first thing you should bear in mind, as the victim in a car accident, is that no insurance company will be happy to give you money. Regardless of whose company you are claiming compensation from, you can expect that they will do everything to poke your claim full of holes. They also have a team of attorneys on their side, which makes self-representation even more daunting. The governing principle of every insurance carrier is to minimize costs. If they don’t succeed in denying your claim, they will in all likelihood offer you less than you should get.

The services of a lawyer for car accident injury in San Diego would be of most significance to victims of catastrophic car accidents who suffered severe injuries with massive medical expenses and financial losses.

Severe injuries are estimated according to what type they are, how long the recovery is and how much medical care they require (both in the past and in the future). Counterintuitive as it may sound, it is especially prudent to get a lawyer for car accident injury in San Diego if you sustained a long-term or disabling injury in the crash. Proving the extent of these injuries and their connection with the accident is a tricky business without the expertise of a car accident attorney. It is very common that victims get underpaid for their losses in these cases. When you take into account that severe injuries will probably affect your future too, it’s obvious that only maximum compensation should be sought.

If you are claiming compensation from the insurance company of the other party, you shouldn’t be surprised that the insurance provider will dispute the responsibility of their insured. They could deny the liability or they could challenge the proof you have of it. This gives them grounds to refuse to make any payments to you in the name of compensation. However, a lawyer for car accident injury in San Diego would be able to provide much needed guidance in this situation.

The last thing we would mention that you should be mindful of is the statute of limitations. For personal injury cases in California the statute is 2 years. You could think that this is ample time for you to file the claim, but that could be a gross underestimate of the situation. After you have been in a car accident, your primary concern is to get well again. You should recover from your injuries, resume your everyday activities and tackle the compensation claim. Going it alone with the claim in order to save some money, could have you overextend yourself. The legal system is not easy to navigate and insurance companies have incomparably more experience in dealing with compensations than you do. Having a car accident lawyer at your side would mean that your rights would be protected maximally, while you could focus on getting your life back.

Get an expert lawyer for car accident injury in San Diego

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