Head & Brain Injuries

Head Injury Attorney in San Diego

Those suffering from spinal cord injuries or brain injuries often suffer significant physical damage, including concussions, dizziness, loss of balance, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, seizures, chronic pain, and even brain damage. Permanent damage may include loss of memory, loss of bodily functions, loss of verbal functions, and even paralysis.

Brain Injury Attorney in San Diego

The necessary treatment for work comp back, neck, head and spinal cord injuries is often extensive, lasting for months or even years. Victims of these types of injuries often require extensive physical therapy, occupational therapy or other rehabilitation treatments to regain function and re-learn even the most basic activities of daily life. Victims of serious brain injuries or spinal cord injuries often lose function for daily activities. In these cases, ongoing assistance is needed, resulting in the need for costly long term, in-home health care.

Head Injury Lawyer in San Diego

Injuries to the back, neck, head, brain and spinal cord can also drastically affect the victim’s family and loved ones. Dealing with extensive and costly medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies can be overwhelming. Family members are often left feeling drained of time, energy and money.

Brain Injury Lawyer in San Diego

If you have been the victim of a back injury, head injury, neck injury, or spinal cord injury, you need an experienced legal team in your corner to aggressively defend your rights and get justice for your injuries. Call the personal injury attorneys at 619.344.0108 today. They can help you get the benefits you deserve, and get on track to reclaim your life.