Chemical Exposure

Chemical Exposure Attorney in San Diego

Working with hazardous chemicals and toxic substances provides a significant health risk to workers. Chemical exposure can happen suddenly as the result of a chemical spill or other accident in the workplace. Continual exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic materials over time can also cause injuries and damage to the eyes, skin and lungs.

Some common symptoms of chemical exposure injuries include:

  • Eye irritation, including light sensitivity, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, blurred or decreased vision
  • Skin irritation, including red, blotchy
  • Lung irritation, including breathing problems, shortness of breath, pain while breathing or burning in the lungs

Chemical Exposure Lawyer in San Diego

If hazardous materials are present at your place of employment, and you think you may have suffered an injury from chemical exposure, you should seek medical treatment right away. You also may be entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim for injuries caused by exposure to toxic materials or hazardous chemicals. Many times companies do not ensure that employees are properly trained in hazmat handling before assigning them duties involving hazardous chemicals. In those cases, the employer may be liable for damages caused by chemical exposure due to their negligence. The participating legal experts at the San Diego Workers Compensation  Lawyer Pros can help determine who is responsible for your injury, and help you claim the benefits that are due to you.

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