Car Accident Lawyer San Diego CA: Truck Accident Facts and Info

Truck accidents - Car accident lawyer San Diego CAThe trucking industry is a major cog in the wheel of the US economy. This type of transport is the buttress for numerous other industries, so the growing number of trucks on our roads implies that the economy is doing well. This is great news, except when we have a close encounter with one of these gigantic vehicles while we are in the car or walking.

Here is some information about truck accidents, but bear in mind that the most useful information you can get is that obtained from a car accident lawyer in San Diego CA if you incurred personal injuries in a truck accident in California or San Diego County.

Different types of accidents

Driving a heavy-duty vehicle like an 18-wheeler is no mean feat. That’s why there are strict regulations in place to ensure that maximum attention is paid to the safety when a truck is on the road.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen. And the most common situations that lead up to a truck accident are:

  • Jackknifing – when the rear end of the vehicle slides to the adjacent lane, usually as a result of sudden braking
  • Rollovers – the structure of a truck, especially a semi-trailer, coupled with improperly balanced load make these vehicles markedly prone to rollovers
  • Tire blowouts – even though trucks are built to sustain a heavy load, the long driving hours and exposure to a variety of weather conditions greatly increase the possibility of a tire blowout, which can easily make the driver lose control of the vehicle
  • Changing lanes and improper turning – operating a massive vehicle such as a truck takes special skill and mindfulness since the blind spot in these vehicles is considerable

Common reasons for truck accidents

The most specific reason for an accident involving trucks is driver fatigue. Truck drivers drive long distances and often disregard the regulations that stipulate how long they can drive at one time and how long they must rest.

Speeding is also very common when an accident is caused by the negligence of the truck driver. One of the reasons why this is so is because truck drivers have packed schedules and tight deadlines. They won’t typically exceed the imposed speed limit on a given road, but they are known to drive at speeds that are inappropriate for the road or weather conditions. Slowing down a gigantic vehicle like a big rig is a huge challenge if the driver has to react in a matter of moments.

Truck drivers are notorious for abusing drugs to get them through the working day. Miles and miles of road and long hours of what seems like endless driving easily take the edge off the driver’s mind and attention. They often resort to drugs to beat fatigue.

The working conditions of truck drivers make them very susceptible to road rage, which is extremely conducive to aggressive driving. Reckless truck drivers put everyone around these gargantuan vehicles at a great risk.

The load that a truck is transporting has to be properly balanced so that it doesn’t impair the overall balance of the vehicle.

Mechanical errors are also an issue with truck-related accidents, which is not a surprise considering the heavy wear and tear these vehicles undergo.

Possible liabilities in a truck accident case

It’s always advisable to get the professional opinion of a car accident lawyer San Diego CA to review your specific case, because the every case is complex in its own way. On top of that, the list of people who are responsible in different ways for the safety of an operated truck is long and it takes an experienced legal professional to analyze the case properly.

The truck driver can be held liable if their actions and decisions during driving directly caused the accident.

In some instances, it is the trucking company of the truck driver who is responsible for the accident. Trucking companies are required to adhere to safety measures that include – proper maintenance of the vehicle, thorough screening of the truck drivers they hire, training the drivers properly and ensuring their driving schedules are not too demanding so as not to make the drivers too fatigued.

It happens sometimes that the trucking company did everything on their part, but the vehicle itself is flawed in a mechanical way. Then the truck manufacturer could be liable.

What to do

We have already written a more detailed blog about what you should do after a car accident to prepare your compensation claim. But here are the most important things:

  • Get medical care right away – Some injuries will emerge only after a period of time, so make sure you get examined by a medical professional immediately. Also, if you put off your medical examination, you are hurting your case because the other side will dispute the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Go to all your medical appointments – Failing to be consistent with your medical care will also give the other side reason to claim that your injuries are not as severe as you are presenting them to be.
  • Do not give any statements – Insurance companies will try in every way to extract a statement from you. Do not give in. If you watch TV series, you know the sentence – anything you say can and will be used against you. It’s pretty much like that.
  • Hire a lawyer – There is no better support for your case than a car accident lawyer who has extensive experience in defending the rights of victims in truck accident cases.

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