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How Uber’s Updated App Will Improve Road Safety

Apart from being one of the most lucrative California-based companies, Uber is also credited with a significant contribution to the reduction of car accidents in all the cities it services. Despite much debate over the extent of Uber’s contribution due to the lack of comprehensive data, Uber relentlessly persists in its efforts to improve road safety. The company not only published more data on their impact on drunk driving, but also launched additional features to track driving behavior. Many fear the updated app might violate Uber’s drivers’ privacy, and many wonder why Uber would decide on the update while its legal dispute with its drivers is barely yesterday’s news. Interestingly enough, the updated app is expected to protect not only the riders but also the drivers, at least in the 11 U.S. cities the app will be made available.

Reminders and Alerts Against the ‘’Four D’s’’

The new features most consist of a number of alerts and reminders the drivers will receive every time their driving is deemed dangerous. The general idea is to measure all the potential indicators of dangerous driving and alert the drivers in real time, so as to eliminate all possible causes of road accidents. To this end, the app will mostly rely on GPS data from the drivers’ phones. The series of alerts and reminders is aimed at improving road safety during every ride.

Speeding alerts will be sent to drivers when they exceed the speed limit in the city or on the highway. It seems only logical that drivers are fully aware of the fact they might be putting themselves and others in danger if they go over the speed limit, but many often disregard it. It is believed that if they have an actual alert, the drivers will be less inclined towards speeding.

A particularly interesting feature is the reminder the drivers will receive whenever they are supposed to take a break. Strange as it may sound, it is likely that some drivers simply forget to take the much needed break. Ride after ride, the driver is in turn likely to become tired, which may lead to drowsy driving – a dangerous member of the ‘’four D’s’’.  Even though it is common-sense that drivers should take a break every now and then, Uber still decided to tackle drowsy driving in an explicit way.

Another seemingly common-sense feature is the reminder to drivers not to hold their phones in their hands, but mount it on the dashboard instead. This reminder is aimed at eliminating the cause of yet another member of the infamous four – distracted driving.

Post-Ride Report Cards Against False Reviews

While speeding alerts and the reminders are expected to enhance road safety during every ride, the post-ride reports are aimed at improving it after every ride. The drivers will get an explicit evaluation of how safe their driving was, based on the measurement of speed and harsh breaking, among others. Each report should be a summary of all the reminders and alerts and give a clear picture of how safe the ride was.

Uber aims to increase not only the safety but also the transparency of its services. The riders will have online access to driving patterns of different drivers, so they can make an informed choice. Moreover, if they were dissatisfied with the ride, they could have actual evidence to corroborate their negative review. The reports can be extremely beneficial to drivers. Just as the riders can prove the ride was unsafe, so can the drivers disprove a false claim against them.

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U.S. DOT Plans To Improve Safety Ratings

The U.S. Department of Transport has recently issued a press release announcing their plans to introduce high-tech upgrades to the 5-star safety rating for new vehicles issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Plans say that the familiar safety-rating system will include an additional crash test with new, more realistic dummies and that it will evaluate advanced crash-avoidance technology and pedestrian protection. The improvements are intended to offer consumers ample information so that they can make an informed decision when purchasing a car. It is also hoped they will incentivize car companies to manufacture cars that can help drivers avoid crashes or diminish their consequences and ultimately, save lives.

The five-star rating system, also known as the New Car Assessment Program, was introduced in 1978 and now that bar is being raised, in the words of U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. Every year new autos are tested for how well they protect the driver in frontal, lateral and rollover accidents. The crash-test results are collected and translated into stars. The more stars, the safer the car. More information can be found on the NHTSA website Safer Car.

Here is the list of the announced changes:

  • Crash-avoidance assessment
  • Pedestrian protection assessment
  • A crash test oblique-angle crashes
  • An improved full frontal barrier test to encourage increasing the safety of rear-seat passengers
  • Enhanced test dummies that will provide more information about the likely crash effects on the human body
  • Half stars that should offer more discriminating information
  • The possibility to update the system more quickly and flexibly

The comprehensive list of the planned improvements can be found here. After the period of 60 days in which the NHTSA will gather public comments, the feedback will be reviewed and taken into account for the final decision. The new rating system is expected to apply for Model Year 2019 vehicles.

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Proving Damages In A Catastrophic Injury Case

The very name of a catastrophic injury suggests that it has far-reaching, life-changing consequences for the parties involved. Some of the consequences are often permanent. A victim must be able to prove the value of damages inflicted in order to recover compensation. We will present some common evidence that a car accident lawyer San Diego can use to prove damages in a catastrophic injury accident.

Past medical expenses and lost income

Lost income is typically the easiest damage to prove in this case. Medical bills can indicate very  precisely the cost of the necessary medical treatment. It is also quite easy to demonstrate how much work you had to miss and how that was reflected in your income.

What the opposing party can do to make this more difficult is contest the necessity of all the medical treatments and whether you really had to take time off work in the duration you did. Sometimes, a medical or occupational expert is called in for a testimony about your injuries. The seriousness of your injury could also be disputed by the other party, in which case the examining doctor will be summoned to testify.

Future medical care and lost income

This type of damages is more challenging to prove. A doctor can provide a testimony as to how long the recovery will last and how long you will be out of work. They can also provide an estimation regarding the type of future medical care you will need.

An occupational expert can determine your earning abilities in the future, especially if you are unable to return to your previous job. This estimate is then used by economists to establish your lost earnings in the future based on inflation and other factors.

Intangible losses

The damage doesn’t have to be material or physical. Catastrophic injuries often cause pain, suffering and emotional distress in victims. In law, these are called general damages and the law allows for them to be compensated. The usual method of proving this damage are testimonies from experts, friends and family members.

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Types Of Damages In Car Accident Cases

In the United States more than 6 million vehicular accidents take place every year. Even though people tend to suppress bad thoughts and think an accident could never happen to them, the unfortunate reality is that an accident can happen to anyone anytime. The participants hardly ever expect it and they are almost never prepared for the injuries and damages they can incur in them. If an accident does happen to you, you could be eligible to recover compensation for the sustained injuries.

Car accidents can have disastrous effects on the participants. First of all, it’s highly likely they’ll be physically injured, but there could be many more injuries or damages stemming from the physical ones. Their cars could be damaged and they could lose earnings, as well as suffer emotionally and mentally from the effects of the accident.

All of these damages may entitle the victim for financial compensation. The law of the State of California distinguishes between economic and non-economic damages. In some cases, which are rare though, punitive damages are awarded, but that’s not common. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the victim could be eligible to recover compensation from both categories, economic and non-economic.

Economic damages

This category of damages includes those damages that can be monetarily quantified. Some usual instances of economic damages are:

  • medical expenses
  • car property damage
  • lost earnings
  • out-of-pocket expenses

Medical expenses could include both the present medical bills and future medical care (any surgeries or treatment rendered necessary in the future). To be able to recover medical expenses, it’s important you consult a medical professional right after the accident to establish the type and extent of the injuries.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages, the other damages category, is much more difficult to determine and measure. This category of damages includes:

  • emotional and mental pain and suffering
  • disability and reduced capacity for work
  • mental anguish and emotional distress
  • physical deformation
  • loss of use
  • loss of companionship or consortium (related to family relationships)
  • any other damages difficult to quantify

Everyone understands that the severity of these damages is very challenging to weigh in monetary terms. They can also be very emotionally controversial in a car accident case. Many attorneys will confirm that assessing the financial value of non-economic damages is often the biggest challenge in their job. The type and severity of physical injuries inflicted on the victim in the accident factor in establishing the value of non-economic damages, but they are just something to start from.

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Steps To Take After A Car Accident In California

Experiencing a car accident is generally stressful, but it can also be upsetting and frustrating. Dealing properly and timely with the incident may seem confusing and downright intimidating, but the steps to take are laid out in this article for you to be prepared should this unpleasant situation ever befall you.

Remain at the scene of the crash

You should always stay put when you participate in an auto accident, and it goes for all parties. This is especially important if there are injuries or fatalities. Those who flee the scene risk only making the matters terribly worse for their defense. They could also be criminally charged.

Inspect the injuries

You should check whether you or other accompanying you in the vehicle have gotten hurt in the crash. If anyone is injured, call emergency services right away. In the case of back or neck injuries, refrain from moving the victim as that can only exacerbate the injury. Wait for medical professionals instead.

Notify the police

The State of California requires you to inform local authorities if there’s been a sizeable property damage, serious injury or fatality due to a car accident. When the law enforcement officers arrive, you should make sure they fill out the form and ask for a copy if you are not given one. It’s a good idea to note down the names and badge numbers of the officers for any information they could helpfully provide in the future.

Find out about the other party

Make a point of exchanging information with the other party, and collect as much of it as possible. That means: name, contact details, driver’s license numbers as well as plates’ numbers, and finally insurance information.

It’s very important not to get into a huge conversation because of the future of the case. If you state something like an “I’m so sorry” or “I should have kept to my lane” etc. that could be interpreted as admitting guilt.

Watch out for witnesses

If there are any eyewitnesses, approach them and ask them about what they saw. Get their personal details as well, such as name and contact details, because they could be helpful in the future.

Inform your auto insurance carrier

Your auto insurance company should find out about the accident in the shortest possible time. It helps to be honest here and report the event as you remember it. Should you lie or withhold certain information, that could land you in serious trouble and your claim could easily be denied. It’s a good idea to consult with your lawyer before contacting the insurance.

Record the scene with camera pictures

Having pictures of the scene could make filing the insurance claim and lawsuit much easier. If possible, it’s best to record the scene immediately after the collision. If that is not the case, then return to the scene as soon as possible and take photos. Time is of essence here and if there’s a considerable time gap between the photos and the accident, photos become less usable.

Record the damage inflicted on your car if there is any. When you file the insurance claim, you should provide pictures of your car’s previous state, so the damage can be measured. You should make photo records of injuries that you and your riders sustained, if any.

Keep medical records

Whatever treatment you had to receive for your injuries, keep records of them. The same goes for the other passengers in your car. It will be easier to prove the cost of medical care you needed after the accident if you have documents about the treatments, visits, advice and prescriptions made by medical professionals.

Journal your injuries

Keep track of your injuries. It would be wise to keep a journal and note down the progress of your injuries so that you don’t miss any details later on. What’s important is to have a clear picture of what symptoms you experienced and how much pain and how the injury changed your everyday life. You should note any tasks or duties you were able to perform before the accident, but now cannot due to the injuries.

Consult a legal professional

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